23 May 2019

In Roselands, we want to help you feel great and improve your quality and enjoyment of life. Shopping makes us happy and we do a lot of walking whilst doing this, but what if there was another easy, fun, FREE and social way of being active? Well there is, our very first Roselands Walking Club is here.

We have teamed up with the Heart Foundation and our group is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. 

Want to join our club, The Roselands Raindrop Rovers? See below for all the details. 

WHEN: Wednesday 5 June Walking Club will be here every Wednesday after that
TIME: 7:30am - 8:30am  
LOCATION: Throughout the Centre A special walking route will be provided each week
MEETING PLACE: Customer Service Desk, Level 1 Please meet at the desk each week to sign in before you walk
REPRESENTATIVE: Lara Palejko, Guest Experience Manager Lara is the champion of the Roselands Raindrop Rovers.
Lara will meet with you and walk each week.
CONTACT: Lara Palejko Mobile: 0428 323 331


Before you can walk with the Roselands Raindrop Rovers in centre, you are required to sign up to the club via the Heart Foundation Walking website. This is where you can discover the benefits of walking and join our community of walkers across the country. Signing up also gives you some goodies to bring with you each week! Follow the steps below; 

  1. Click Here to commence sign up
  3. Search our group by entering suburb Roselands, 2196
  4. Locate & Click on to ROSELANDS RAINDROP ROVERS
  5. Click REGISTER
  6. Enter all details required and then SUBMIT

If you are unsure or having some troubles signing up online, that is no problem. Lara will have manual forms on the day for you to fill out if that makes it easier for you. 

We cannot wait to start walking with you, step by step let's socialise, have fun and be active together! 

Heart Foundation Walking is Australia's largest FREE walking network. It is a social, fun and an easy way for people to walk and be active. As well as the physical benefits, activity can also make you feel happier and improve your quality and enjoyment of life. Over the last 23 years the Heart Foundation has helped more than 100,000 people to start walking and then keep it up. A study of 1,800 walkers in 14 countries showed that outdoor-walking groups improved their members blood pressure resting heart rate, cholesterol, body fat and mood.