Activate Your Super Powers!

Fly into Roselands these school holidays to create your very own superhero kit. Everyday there'll be a different item for you to create, design and customise including capes, masks and even a fidget spinner!
Be the superhero you are destined to be!

Monday 9 July

It's time to be incredible!

Every superhero needs a mask to disguise their real identity! Design and create your very own superhero mask today.

It's time to show the world your super powers!

Tuesday 10 July

Ready. Steady. Fly!

What would a superhero be without their cape flapping gloriously in the wind behind them as they race through the skies! Use your superhero skills to design your incredible cape.

The sky is the limit! 

Wednesday 11 July 

Super powers on!

Power up! Design your control wrist band and draw the knobs and buttons to activate your super powers! 

Snap it on and get ready for blast off! 

Thursday 12 July

Super spinner supreme! 

The perfect gadget for your superhero kit! Decorate your super spinner and compete with your superhero friends to see whose spins the longest! 

Friday 13 July

Superhero super gadget, action pouch! 

Keep your super secrets and super gadgets safe from prying eyes by zipping them up in your action pouch!