FREE Online Workshops

22 Jul 2020

Canterbury Bankstown Council is delivering a variety of FREE online workshops, in partnership with local community organisations to support families. 


  • Turning into Kids - a program that focuses on emotional connections between parents, carers and children
  • Circle of Security - a program that covers how secure parent-child relationships can be harnessed, supported and strengthened
  • Triple P (Power of Positive Parenting) Level 4 - In Vietnamese 
  • Screens in Early Childhood - helping parents better set up healthy digital habits for them selves and their children
  • 123 Magic and Emotion Coaching - helping parents create a loving and supportive family atmosphere with learning how to respond to a misbehaving child 
  • Starting School with Ease - Helping parents cope with kids starting school or childcare in the new year. 


To join these informative and helpful parenting programs, please register here or call either 9707 5585 or 0438 674 349.