Better Parking Options at Roselands

10 Oct 2019

From 29 October the car park will have timed options available for you:

• Free All Day

• 3 hours

• 2 hours

• 60 minute express

Free all day parking will be available for the External Car Park on Violet St and Roselands Dr open air parking. All other areas will be marked with their permitted time option.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why has Roselands Shopping Centre introduced timed parking?

A: As a result of customer and retailer feedback we’ve introduced timed parking. This is to ensure our customers have access to the easiest and most convenient parking each time they visit our centre.


Q: What is the parking limit in each car park?


FREE all day:

• Orange Rooftop Level (Green Level is temporarily free all day while works are being completed on Orange Level)
• Violet Street External Carpark
• Roselands Ave Open Air Carpark


3 Hours Free:
• Yellow Level*
• Red Level*
• Blue Level*
• Green Level


2 Hours Free:
• Coles Carpark*


*There are limited 60-minute express parking zones that will be clearly marked and monitored as such.


Q: Is there somewhere I can park for longer than 3 hours?

A: Yes, our Orange Rooftop level, Violet Street External Carpark and Roselands Ave Open Air Carpark have an all-day parking section.


Q: If I have a disabled parking permit, do the same time restrictions still apply?

A: No, disabled parking is unlimited for authorised disabled parking permit holders. Guests with a disabled parking permit can enjoy unlimited parking at Roselands. All disabled parking permit holders must validate their permit with us at our customer service desk on the ground floor and this will be recognised for all subsequent trips with a valid disabled parking permit that is displayed on your dash. Disabled parking bays are located in every one of our car parks.