13 Mar 2017

"If you're not sure if you like the way a garment looks on the hanger, try it on anyway!" That's the thing about shopping for fashion, it's fun to try it on.

There's only a few things to keep in mind on this adventure of discovery. If you recall our chat about "closet time", while your photographing the outfits you want to spruce up or add to, take a photo of yourself  in fitted clothes (or your knickers). Then view the photo as if there is an invisible line around your body and notice the shape. Pear, Hourglass, Triangle, Inverted Triangle. Then do a little more online research about fashions that looks best on that shape. Once you know what looks best for your shape, the rest is a journey of discovery!

Have a look at Portmans

And Suzanne Grae

Look City Chic