Frequently asked questions

What will the revitalised centre offer customers?           

The development project will reinvigorate Roselands and reposition it as a community focal point. Works will see major changes to the centre’s ground floor with the creation of a fresh food precinct, the introduction of a new Woolworths, a new ALDI and selection of more than 30 specialty food retailers.

A new vibrant home for fresh food, the ground floor precinct will also offer customers the convenience of all three major supermarkets – Coles, ALDI and Woolworths all in the one convenient location.

What retailers and brands will open at the revitalised Roselands?

As part of the revitalisation of the ground floor a new Woolworths (replacing the existing Food for Less), a new ALDI and more than 30 specialty food retailers will open in our  fresh food precinct.  We look forward to sharing these announcements with our local community and visitors in coming months.


When is the proposed revitalisation project expected to begin?

Works have now begun in centre. You will see hoardings have gone up in the centre and some stores are closing or have closed in preparation for the works. 

The Roselands team will work to keep our community and stakeholders updated when possible and we apologise for any disruption this may cause.

Will there be new lifts and escalators?

As part of development works we will be installing new travelators that will service the red and yellow levels of the car park, whilst feeding directly into the ground level of the mall.

We will also be installing a new passenger lift to improve customer access and movement across all levels of the centre.


Why are some stores closing?

As part of works to bring the revitalised Roselands to life, some stores have closed or may be closing to enable planned works. 

We appreciate your patience at this time as we move towards a revitalised Roselands that will become a new home for fresh food with the convenience of a Coles and new Woolworths and ALDI all in the one convenient location.   

If you have any further questions about store closures, please email   


One of the development applications is focused on changes to the car park. What are the proposed changes to car parking? Is the car park being redeveloped?


Our customer’s feedback has always been a desire for safe, secure and efficient parking options when they visit our centres. We will be exploring ways to ensure Roselands provides that.

We are still in the midst of considering all options and will update you all when we can.

There are temporary changes to how you enter and exit the centre from the Red Level car park. While works are underway, the Red Level car park will have no direct access to shops and is temporarily reserved for staff parking.

The best access for Ground Level shopping is via the Yellow Level car park where a temporary access ramp to the Ground Level has been installed next to The Reject Shop.

Customers can access Level 1 and Level 2 via the Blue, Green and Orange Level car parks.


When is the project expected to be completed?

For this stage, planned works are expected to be completed by late 2019.

We will continue to update our community and stakeholders throughout the process.

Will Roselands continue to trade during the redevelopment?

Yes. Roselands will continue to trade while we revitalise the centre.


What measures will you take to ensure minimal disruption to the community?

During the development works customers will continue to be able to shop at Roselands.  The development works will take place behind hoarding with clear signage directing customers on how to access the centre during these times.


Why are you developing Roselands?

The development project will reinstate Roselands' position as a community focal point and see major changes to the centre’s ground floor with the creation of a fresh food precinct, the introduction of a new Woolworths, a new ALDI and selection of more than 30 specialty food retailers.

The development will create a destination for the community to shop, relax and socialise.


How can I keep up to date with the redevelopment of Roselands?

You can keep up to date with all the redevelopment news on Facebook. Just like Roselands Facebook page to stay in touch or visit


Photo: Customers enjoying the Roselands mall.